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Comment by James Logan on November 17, 2009 at 11:11am
I hear what your saying Apostle, about the ability of the Apostle to release the fivefold in the body. However in my community ,the order of authority is wrong their still is the mindset that its the pastor who does the realsing, who is first in order ,EPH 4:11. This one mindset really frustrates me, and I only think its going to change as the body sees not only the mercy of the Apostle but the judgement.The rOLE Apostle is greatly misunderstood and accepted, by the body and somewhat by Apostles themselves.I not meaning to dis pastors they are the shepherds of the flock just not the APOSTLES .Great grace is upon the Apostle office now the church the world need to see and experience it to break the mindset of the pastor as the one who is first in authority.

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